Joseph Crockett

— and —

Kelsie Sneegas



15   JULY   2018


3   AUGUST   2018



how we met:

Kelsie's perspective - 

Joe and I met in the high school cafeteria line. I acted like I couldn't remember his name every conversation afterwards because I thought that's how people flirted. We only spoke a few words in passing but always admired one another from a far.

He would always hang out in front of my locker before school, forcing me to say ‘excuse me’ every morning. That ‘excuse me’ slowly turned into sentences and then conversations.

My locker was a prime location in the school. It was in the center of everything. In a somewhat joking manner, I told Joe he could share my locker with me. So, before we were dating, we moved in together! 48-19-43 was our locker combination. 

My Junior year and Joe’s Senior year of school, we were teacher assistants for a special needs class. We spent every 1st period together and it was through that class that I was able to get a glimpse of Joe’s incredible, selfless, gentle and kind heart. 

I remember my sister telling me, “you are going to fall in love with Joe.” I stubbornly denied her claim, but I quickly realized that she was right.

Joe and I went on an unofficial date to get to know each other better. What we thought was just an hour coffee chat turned into an all day marathon-date.

I fell for him. Hard. Hallelujah. 



Joe's perspective- 

I first saw Kelsie in our high school cafeteria in 2011. My heart stopped. I thought she was the prettiest and coolest girl ever. I looked forward to lunch everyday, for the chance of seeing her. 

I eventually became her locker buddy and we were mostly friends at a distance, sharing the occasional conversation and walk to class. In my mind, I always thought Kelsie was different- that she was someone special, but that I could never date her, nor would try. A mutual friend of ours always teased me for having a quiet crush on Kelsie. That friend would ask me why I had never asked her out or tried to get to know her better- I was just trying to play it calm and cool! 

My senior year, once we became teacher's assistants in a special needs class, I finally had the chance to spend more time with her, and get to know her better. I got to see her compassion and meekness. Kelsie is empathetic and kind to everyone she meets, and I was drawn to this. I eventually got her to agree to get coffee with me. That, supposedly, small coffee chat turned into a full day of exploring and adventuring and laughing with her. From there, she became my best friend- and now, I get the honor of marrying her.